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BIM Senior Coordinator Training Course

Interior architecture

Amplía información Formación BIM Coordinator Senior: Arquitectura de Interiores Formación BIM Coordinator Senior: Arquitectura de Interiores
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BIM Senior Coordinator Training Course: Interior architecture

Program can be officially recognized for the Master's Degree in Construction Management

The BIM Senior Coordinator training course specialized in Interior Architecture trains the student in the techniques and tools of this sector, always under the BIM methodology. All this, developed with the most common software in the area, such as Archicad and Revit.

Nebrija University's Higher Polytechnic School has launched the SMART Engineering philosophy according to which students acquire a multidisciplinary and transversal profile, something that in this program is perceived in the promotion of skills in the coordination of work teams.

FabLab Nebrija is one of the spearheads of this philosophy. It is an open, transversal and interdisciplinary space, in which experience between students and professors flows to carry out innovative ideas, prototypes and designs.


  • The acquisition of skills and tools of the BIM sector by students in order to carry out architectural and construction projects.
  • The training of students based on the latest trends and developments in the BIM sector.
  • The improvement of students' competitiveness, acquiring an optimized work process in all important parameters in the development of building, time and economy.