Master´s Degree in

Environmental Management of the Company

Postgraduate degree in Environmental Management of the Company

Master´s Degree in Environmental Management of the Company

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Summary table

Student profile: The program is aimed at Science graduates and engineers who want to develop their professional career in the field of environmental management within the main professional fields of the environmental sector.

Official degree: Master's Degree in Environmental Management of the Company

Center:ESCUELA ISM (C/ General Ramírez de Madrid, 8. 28020 Madrid)

Class hours: 600 hours class attendance
200 hours Campus Virtual
150 hours Final Research Project
500 hours internship in company

Total Credits:60 credits.
. Minimum of 12 ECTS credits and maximum of 60 ECTS credits per enrollment and academic period.

Duration: 1 year. From October to June

Type of Education: Classroom attendance

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In answer to social concerns regarding the environment and sustainability

The current economic growth model is generating a series of problems and concerns with the environment that companies and institutions must address. The corporate social responsibility of companies is putting a lot of focus on what their company provides, ecologically speaking. This scenario based on sustainable development demands more prepared professionals in this sector.

In order to prepare these professionals, Nebrija University and the Higher Institute for the Environment have launched this Master's Degree in Environmental Management in the Company. Thanks to a modern curriculum, the student will learn all the concepts and master the tools necessary to become a qualified professional.

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The learning method (reflection, analysis, action and evaluation) is prepared to promote creativity and innovation and achieve the acquisition of knowledge applied to decision making.


Teaching team formed by experienced professionals, active in the subject they teach and used to participate in training activities.

Aimed at New Technologies

In addition to the computer tools that are part of the Master's degree (GIS, CAD, Environmental Modeling...), at the beginning of the program the student receives a personal laptop to facilitate the elaboration of the cases and papers required during the Master's degree, as well as an email account associated with the program to encourage contact with professors and classmates. The teaching material (technical notes, cases, exercises, slides, bibliography...) will be available on the Internet, in a portal specifically created for this purpose.

Complementary activities

The program is accompanied by a wide range of complementary and free activities for the student, such as conference series related to the Master's degree, outdoor training sessions and personalized work guidance.

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All our degrees and curricula have been prepared in accordance with the new guidelines set by current legislation, having already been verified by the National Agency for Quality Assessment.
The student must take 60 credits

Technical Modules 38 ECTS

  • 2 ECTS | Environmental legislation
  • 2 ECTS | Sustainable Management in the Company
  • 4 ECTS | Urban Waste Management
  • 2 ECTS | Contaminated Soil Management
  • 2 ECTS | Industrial Waste Management
  • 4 ECTS | Savings and Energy Efficiency
  • 4 ECTS | Carbon Footprint Calculation
  • 4 ECTS | Sewage Treatment
  • 4 ECTS | Technician in Environmental Impact Assessment
  • 2 ECTS | Quality management systems
  • 2 ECTS | Sistemas de Gestión de Calidad
  • 6 ECTS | Environmental Management Systems

Computer Tools 14 ECTS

  • 4 ECTS | Computer-assisted Technical Drawing - Autocad
  • 8 ECTS | Geographic Information Systems –ArcGIS
  • 2 ECTS | Geospatial image analysis –Teledetection

Competence Development Activities

  • Outdoor Training
  • Work Orientation Coaching
  • Effective Presentation Techniques

Final Research Project 8 ECTS

  • 8 ECTS | Final Research Project

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Career Opportunities

The positions and functions that future professionals may perform after having participated in the Master's Degree in Environmental Management in the Company are undoubtedly many. On the basis that our program addresses in detail the main tools for the environmental technician and that, from water pollution or waste management to the implementation of environmental management systems, all disciplines are addressed focusing on the need for the student to face technical problems in the future, the possibilities are varied.

Environmental Management in the Company

  • Technical / Manager of environmental department
  • Technical / Manager of department of environmental projects
  • Technical / Manager of energy efficiency and savings projects
  • Manager of the integrated management system in the company: Quality, MA, Energy and POR
  • Manager of compliance with legal requirements in relation to environmental parameters
  • Internal auditor of environmental management in companies

Environmental Engineering and Consulting

  • Technician in implementation of Environmental Management Systems
  • Technician in development of Environmental Risk Analysis
  • Technician in Air pollution prevention and control
  • Climate change project manager
  • Technician in Environmental outsourcing and project consulting
  • Technician in environmental acoustics
  • Application Technician of Geographic Information Systems
  • Consultant in the implementation of energy efficiency improvements
  • Auditor of environmental management systems, quality and energy
  • Project Coordinator / Director

Wastewater Treatment and Purification

  • Analysis technician in wastewater treatment plant
  • Manager of wastewater treatment plant / Wastewater treatment plant technician

Environmental Education and Information

  • Environmental education technician
  • Environmental education team coordinator / Director of environmental education center
  • Environmental information technician
  • Environmental communication technician

Contaminated Soil Management

  • Analysis technician in contaminated soil control services
  • Contaminated soil treatment technician
  • Technician in development of control measures and corrective measures in soil contamination

Waste management

Urban Waste Management
  • Manager for the operational management of urban waste
  • Technician in Urban waste collection department
  • Municipal services technician related to waste collection
  • Technician in Integrated Waste Management System
Urban Waste Treatment
  • Manager / Technician of urban waste treatment plant
  • Manager / Technician of selection and packaging classification plant
Hazardous Waste Management
  • Manager / Technician of hazardous waste treatment plant

Natural Environment and Environment Protection

  • Environmental Guide/Agent
  • Editor of environmental impact studies
  • Environmental and landscape restoration technician
  • Coordinator / Manager for environmental monitoring programs
  • Manager for natural space management
  • Director / Conservator of natural space


The Master's Degree in Environmental Management in the Company incorporates as part of its educational project a period of Professional Internships in Environmental Companies, Consultants or Organizations. Its purpose is to complete the training of students through the implementation, in a real environment, of the skills and knowledge acquired in the Master's degree. The internships are remunerated and have a minimum duration of 3 months, being susceptible to extension when the student and the company or consulting firm's availability so allow it, with the limits established by the legislation.

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