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University departments Courses Secretary

Courses Secretary is an administrative unit with very specific characteristics in the University, as its mission is to serve as the guiding thread for the administrative management of the student throughout his/her academic life at the University.

he general functions of the Courses Secretary, among others, are the following:

  • Academic management of the curricula leading to the official and own degrees of the University.
  • Verification of the admission of the studies Degree and supervision of this process in the Master's and Doctorate studies.
  • Management and coordination of enrollment processes and academic regulations of the Undergraduate, Master's and Doctorate degrees.
  • Academic management of the files: maintenance and custody.
  • Registration of outgoing and incoming academic records: transfers and simultaneity of studies with other universities.
  • Management of applications and complaints regarding academic management carried out by students.
  • Counseling for students; academic questions of a general nature.
  • Monitoring of qualification processes.
  • Management of calls for Public Organizational and University Scholarships.
  • Management and issuance of the official university degrees and the SET of the Undergraduate, Master's and Doctorate degrees.
  • Management of own degrees and continuing education.
  • Issuance of students' academic transcripts.
  • Processing and custody of the academic records.
  • Support in Official Academic Events: Course Opening, Graduation, Santo Tomás de Aquino.
  • Preparation of annual statistics for the Integrated University Information System (SIIU) and other Public Bodies.
  • Registration and archiving of the student’s official and academic documentation.

All this is done from a commitment to responsibility, efficiency, quality and rigor, applying the current regulations, taking into account the guidelines issued by the Governing Bodies and trying to satisfy the aspirations and expectations of students.

Head of the Courses Secretary area: Susana Guil


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