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ARIES Research Center

Centro de Investigación Centro de Investigación
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ARIES Research Center

Acronym: ARIES

Research topics


The ARIES Research Center activity focuses on the fault tolerance of electronic circuits. In this area, the center develops protection techniques against errors for signal processing and communication circuits. Also, several research works are being devoted to memories and advances error correction codes, as well as to the reliability of microprocessors for space applications.

Research lines:

  • Simulation and emulation of the effects of space radiation on electronic designs.
  • Study of the fault tolerance of digital systems under the effects of radiation for space applications.
  • New fault tolerant design techniques for the space environment.

Research Projects

Introduction of fault-tolerant concepts for RISC-V in space applications

  • File number: Contrato Núm. 4000123876
  • Financing entity: Agencia Espacial Europea
  • Execution Period: Mayo 2018 – Octubre 2019

Design, implementation and test of fault tolerance techniques on multi-core systems for on-board Space applications (RadMultiCore)

  • File number: ESP2014-54505-C2-1-R
  • Financing entity: Ministerio de Economía y Competitividad (Plan Nacional)
  • Execution Period: Enero 2015 – Diciembre 2017

Space Ethernet Physical Layer Transceiver (SEPHY)

  • File number: Proposal 640243 (COMPET-01-2014)
  • Financing entity: Comisión Europea (Horizonte 2020)
  • Execution Period: Mayo 2015 - Diciembre 18

Director ARIES

Dr. Juan Antonio Maestro de la Cuerda
jmaestro@nebrija.es CV Abreviado
Dr. Alfonso Sánchez-Macián Pérez Researcher asanchep@nebrija.es CV Abreviado Dr. Luis Alberto Aranda Barjola Researcher laranda@nebrija.es CV Abreviado Dr. Francisco García Herrero Researcher fgarciahe@nebrija.es CV Abreviado D. Kyle Gear Researcher kgear@nebrija.es CV Abreviado Dr. Luis Esteban Hernández Researcher lesteban@nebrija.es CV Abreviado
Dr. Óscar Ruano Ramos Researcher oruano@nebrija.es CV Abreviado Dr. Ángel García Fernandez External Researcher Dr. Miguel López Benítez External Researcher Dr. Carlos Manuel Travieso González External Researcher Dr. Fernando Rubio Marcos External Researcher